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Projection Audio

Generation ZX(X), 4 May 2018.

The audio accompanied the projected visuals which consisted of archival footage (courtesy of STV) of Sir Clive Sinclair’s visit to the Timex Camperdown factory to celebrate the manufacturing of the one millionth ZX Spectrum. The projection performed a process of rendering ‘transparent’ allowing access to the long ago and to the inside. The projection itself also appeals to visual memory as old photographs donated by former employees ‘roll’ on the assembly line (see Appendix no 17). Most of the images are from nights out and Timex socials, and are intended as a visual illustration and reminder of the interviews in the park. This ‘re-calling’ of the women’s voices was important particularly as most of the voices heard during the film were male (interviews with some of UK’s leading video game developers). Due to limited permission I cannot include the archival footage but I can make it available for private consultation at request.

Generation ZX(X) Projection

by Mona Bozdog and Robin Griffiths

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