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Mona Bozdog

maker/ writer/ researcher/ player

Mona is a Lecturer in Immersive Experience Design at Abertay University. She completed her Applied Research Collaborative Studentship PhD: "Playing with Performance/Performing Play. Creating hybrid experiences at the fringes of video games and performance" at Abertay in 2019. Her Research Project was a collaboration between Abertay University, The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and The National Theatre of Scotland, funded by RLINCS and The Scottish Funding Council through the Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities.

She has published in Games and Culture (SAGE), Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds (Intellect), The Scottish Journal of Performance and presented work at numerous national and international conferences and events: DiGRA, CHI, ELO, ResFest, BBC Click Live, Future Play at the Edinburgh Fringe, Games Are For Everyone, Arcadia.

She has co-edited The Art of Care, a special issue of the Scottish Journal of Performance. 


Her research is practice-based and focuses on the convergence of contemporary performance practices and video games, particularly designing hybrid forms of storytelling, performative games, mixed-reality and immersive experiences and games for public spaces and heritage sites. Mona is currently working on a series of projects that investigate the potential of games for capturing, preserving and sharing lived experience. 

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Professional History

My Experience


2019 - Abertay University and The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Dundee, UK

  • PhD. Connecting Performance and Play. Establishing Interdisciplinary design methods for the development of games and performance. 

2013 - University of Glasgow. College of Arts. School of Culture and Creative Arts. Glasgow, UK

  • MLitt Playwriting and Dramaturgy

2011 - Babes Bolyai University. Theatre and Television Faculty, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

  • MA Theatre and Film Studies

2009 - SNSPA National School of Political and Administrative Sciences, Bucharest, Romania

  • BA Communication and PR

Creative Practice

I have disseminated my research at national and international conferences, festivals, venues and industry events (BBC Click Live, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, V&A Dundee, British Academy Showcase, Develop Research, DiGRA – Digital Games Research Association, ELO Conference - Electronic Literature Organisation, Play Away Festival, Play UK – British Council Western Balkans, Arcadia).

I have lent my expertise as a consultant on the BBC Scotland documentary, The Rise and Fall of Timex Dundee. I have also been interviewed on the impact that Timex and its female labour had on the gaming industry by the BBC, The Scotsman, The Courier, The Evening Telegraph and The National.

2020            Life Before Internet is a collaboration with Romanian digital artists and programmers for a series of video games       

                    that  looks at how life was when we were disconnected. The project is co-authored with performance artist Ioana

                    Paun, sound artist  Sillyconductor, and over 10 visual artists.

2020            Socially-distanced chalkscape, V&A Dundee Commision, collaboration with Dr. Lynn Love. 

2020            Overeactor, Team Smash it Open and See What's Inside, hybrid video and physical game. Created during GGJ 2020.

2019             House on Fire, Team Smash it Open and See What's Inside, hybrid video and physical game. Created during GGJ 2019.

2018             Generation ZX(X), large scale mixed-reality event, Camperdown Park and JTC Furniture Group, Dundee.
2018             An Alternative Guide to St Andrews, game created during the Literature and Video Games, Beyond Stereotypes                                Game Jam. Leverhulme Trust, University of St Andrews, University of Glasgow, Abertay University.
2018             Tales of Monstrous InTent,
Team Smash it Open and See What's Inside, hybrid video and physical game. Created

                    during GGJ 2018.
2017             Ola De La Vida (The Wave of Life),
Team Smash it Open and See What's Inside, hybrid video and physical game.

                    Created during Global Game Jam 2017.
2016             Inchcolm Project, large scale mixed-reality event, Inchcolm Island, UK.
2015             Lost in Transition. Summerhall Edinburgh Fringe, Edinburgh, UK.
2014             Lost in Transition. The Arches Live, Glasgow, UK.                                      
2014             HeteROgeny or the Mathematics of Immigration (staged reading). High Tide, London, UK.
2014             Bin Bags and Flip-Flops (staged reading). Newsboy, Tron Theatre, Glasgow, UK.
2013             Shortcuts (staged reading). Ankur Festival, CCA, Glasgow, UK.
2011-2012     TV for Dummies. A Performance for 100 Remote Controls. The National Theatre,  Iasi, Romania.
2011-2012     Zero Db. The Very Little Theatre, Bucharest, Romania.

Research Experience

My research interests are centred around the convergence of performance and video games and the creative potential they hold for the development of hybrid forms of storytelling, mixed reality and immersive experiences, play in public spaces and heritage sites. Having a background in contemporary performance practice, dramaturgy and playwriting, my research processes are inherently inter- and cross-disciplinary.


Bozdog, M (2019) Playing with performance/performing play: creating hybrid experiences at the fringes of video games and performance, PhD Thesis, Abertay University. Available at:


2020           Bozdog, M. & Galloway, D. (2020) Performing Walking Sims: from Dear Esther to Inchcolm Project. Journal of Gaming                           and Virtual Worlds, 12(1), 23-47.

2019            Bozdog, M., & Galloway, D. (2019). Worlds at our fingertips: reading (in) What Remains of Edith Finch. Games and         


2018            Love, L. and Bozdog, M., A Three Person Poncho and a Set of Maracas: Designing Ola De La Vida, A Co-Located Social                       Play Computer Game, DiGRA 2018 Proceedings.

2017            Bozdog, M. and Galloway, D., Play between worlds: Inchcolm Project. Scottish Journal of Performance, 4(1) September.

2016            Bozdog, M. and Galloway, D., I Cried to Dream Again: Discovery and Meaning-Making in Walking Simulators,

                   DiGRA-FDG 2016 Proceedings.


2020              Can our senses help us recapture hidden histories of places? by Emma Bond and Mona Bozdog, British Academy                            Summer Showcase (June 2020).

                      Available at:

2020             Sensing Sugaropolis, Emma Bond and Mona Bozdog, Being Human Festival (Nov 2020) – British Academy Festival of                         Humanities. Available at:


2020            RCS Research Exchange Talk, 12 Oct 2020. Available at: 



2020             Play UK (British Council Western Balkans), August 2020. Available at:               



2020            Res/Fest (Courtauld and V&A), Dundee, UK. Available at: 



2020            Transnational Scotland,  Fisheries Museum, Anstruther, UKK

2019             DEVELOP Research, Brighton, 9 July


2019             Wandering Games, Bangor University, 10-12 July


2019             ELO - Electronic Literature Organization Conference and Media Art Festival, Cork14-17 July


2019              IM/Material Network (University of Glasgow, The Royal Society of Edinburgh) Panel: Virtual Encounters with Material

                     Worlds, Abertay University, 13 May

2018             DiGRA Conference 2018, The Game is the Message, 25-28 July, University of Turin, Turin, Italy.

2018             Literature and Video Games, Beyond Stereotypes, 20-21 June, University of St Andrews, Abertay University and the                              University of Glasgow, St Andrews, UK.

2018             Gaming and the Arts of Storytelling Symposium, 9 May, Abertay University Dundee, Dundee, UK.       

2018             Spring into Methods (workshop), Co-Design and Co-Creation Methods. 25-27 April. SGSAH and Abertay University,                              Dundee, UK.

2017             Research in Practice: A Showcase of Creative, Cultural and Social Methodologies, 21 July, The School of Media Culture                      and Society, University of the West of Scotland, Glasgow, UK.

2017             Game Think 2.0 Conference, 3 February, Glasgow University, Glasgow, UK.

2016             Critical Response Process (workshop), Launch of the SGSAH Practice Research Network, 22 November, Hospitalfield,                          Arbroath, UK.

2016             DiGRA/FDG ‘16 First International Joint Conference of DIGRA and FDG, 1 – 6 June, Abertay University Dundee, Dundee, UK.

2016             SGSAH Summer School. Play as a Research Method (workshop), 22 June, Glasgow, UK.

2016             Audience, Experience, Desire: interactivity and participation in contemporary performance & the cultural industries.                          University of Exeter. 29-30 January 2016.


2020             Judging Panel, InGAME & Story Futures Academy, Immersive Narrative Game Lab Commission.

2019              Reviewer SGSAH Summer Showcase

2018              Sensory Technologies Game Jam organiser, part of Sugaropolis, Edinburgh University, University of St Andrews and                           Abertay University, Leverhulme Trust Small Research Grants, Abertay University, Dundee.

2018              Generation ZX(X) organiser.

2018              Sugaropolis Formative Session, Edinburgh University, University of St Andrews and Abertay University, Leverhulme                               Trust Small Research Grants, Greenock, organiser and facilitator.

2018              Global Game Jam Abertay site Organising Committee.

2017-2018     Editor, Scottish Journal of Performance, Special Edition Art of Care.


2017              Weave by Abertay, ‘Platform Talks’ Organising Committee.


2017              Global Game Jam Abertay site Organising Committee.


2016-2017    NEoN Digital Arts Festival Organising Committee.


2016              Inchcolm Project organiser.


2016              DiGRA-FDG Conference, Events Organising Committee.


2016-2018    Scottish Journal of Performance Reviewer.


2021              Fellow of the Higher Education Academy


2018              IGDA Community Choice Award, Tales of Monstrous InTent.


2017              Scholarship: Women in Games Ambassador, International Game Developers Association Foundation.


2017              Official Selection FuturePlay, Ola De La Vida. Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2-28th August).


2017              IGDA Community Choice Award, Ola De La Vida.


2015              Studentship: Connecting Performance and Play. Designing interdisciplinary design methods for the development of                       video games and performance. Funded by The Scottish Funding Council and Abertay University.


2015              Arches and Summerhall Autopsy Award Winner. Lost in Transition. Selected for Summerhall’s Official Edinburgh Fringe                       Programme, 2015.


2014              Arches Live Selection. Lost in Transition, written and directed by Mona Bozdog.


2014              IdeasTap Winner, Staged reading of HeteROgeny or the mathematics of immigration at HighTide, London.


2012              Official Selection FEST-FDR2012 (the European Festival of Performing Arts Timisoara – New Romanian Drama Festival):                       Zero Decibels, Timisoara, Romania.


2011               Official Selection, The International Theatre Festival, Bucharest, Theatre of Tomorrow Category. TV for DUMMIES, a                               performance for 100 remote controls.

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