Generation ZX(X) Gallery

by Mona Bozdog, Dayna Galloway, Retrospect and Niall Moody

Photos by Erika Stevenson. Additional photos Graeme Bletcher.


'Storywalking’ is an approach to design which is centred around the moving body. Storywalking combines walking as an aesthetic, critical, and dramaturgical practice of reading and performing an environment, with designing complex, sensory and story-rich environments for a moving, meaning-making body. This approach was a result of developing and reflecting on Inchcolm Project and draws from site-specific performance and game design methods.

Arcade, Projection and Concert

The activities which took place at JTC Furniture Group, the former Timex Camperdown factory.
Photos by Erika Stevenson

Positive Picket-Sign-Making Workshops

The workshops took place at Douglas Community Center and Library and at Hot Chocolate Trust headquarters in April 2018.

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