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Ola De La Vida invites you and two friends to form the ‘wave of life.’ Using your bodies, together you must tilt, wiggle and wobble each part of the wave of life to help roll colourful digital piñata safely across.

Ola De La Vida was created at the Abertay University Global Game Jam site by “Smash it Open and See What’s Inside” consisting of Mona Bozdog, Danny Parker, Lynn Parker and Alex Pass.

To date, ODLV has been showcased within a number of contexts, including play parties; Independent Game Developers Association (IGDA) Play Party (Dundee, UK) and Games Are For Everyone Vol 5 (GAFE) (Edinburgh, UK). Educational and promotional events including the Scottish Parliament (Edinburgh, UK) and Perth Museum (Perth, UK).

The footage in this video was filmed at Games are for Everyone Vol. 5. Thanks to We Throw Switches for making Games and for Everyone Happen and to everyone who played ODLV.

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