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Generation ZX(X) text

by Mona Bozdog

The text for the autobiographical audio-logs which contextualise the interviewing process and the interviewees. I used this strategy to render visible the mediation process inherent in the Verbatim technique. This was aimed to clarify that the work is ultimately an artistic interpretation rather than an 'ultimate truth' which is one of the main risks of the Verbatim technique.

Storywalk text - Mona


Tap on the mic. Dressing the voice.



Tonight, you will walk and listen to some stories. This is the first of many audio clips that you will find throughout the park. You will listen to the voices of women who used to work just up the hill, in the TIMEX factory. Where you go it’s up to you. How you decide to listen it’s up to you. You can follow one person’s story by following her colour. Or, you can go on an adventure and listen to any voice that you encounter, and create your own patch-work of voices. Take as much time as you need. You will not find all the audio clips tonight. And that’s all right, you’re not supposed to. There is no right and wrong way of doing this. Just enjoy the journey. You will not find the truth in this park tonight. What you will find, are individual truths as they are remembered now, almost three decades later. Time does that though, it chews holes into our memories. Which is why you will not find a coherent story, but disparate memories, that you will piece together yourself and fill-in the gaps as you walk in between them. 

You will find me at the black balloons. I will be telling you the story of these voices and how they came to be here in Camperdown Park, a stone’s throw from the former TIMEX factory.

Thank you so much for coming along. I really do hope that you enjoy your journey.

Warm wishes,


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