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zero tolerance/ zero ethics/ zero affect


Teatrul Foarte Mic (Very Little Theatre, Bucharest), 2012


A socio-fonic performance by Ioana Paun. A different type of empathy awaits as you catch a glipse of the thoughts of three Deaf characters: a boy who wants to dance, a yound man who is made to take a music exam and a woman who has to call an emergency service. Their thoughts unwind in your headphones and you gain access to a different perspective, that of a person who cannot hear or speak and their life in zero tolerant Romania in 2011.


Written by Mona Bozdog şi Ioana Păun

Costume and Set Design Andrada Chiriac

Live Sound Mix Sever Bârzan
Choreography Paul Dunca

Mihaela Rădescu 

Claudia Prec 

Alexandru Potoceanu 

Ştefan Lupu 

Sever Bârzan 

Paul Dunca

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