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Mona Bozdog – Concept, Design & Production

Clare Brennan – Production Support

Susie Buchan – Production Support

Robert Clark – Sound Design 

Dan Faichney – Production Support

Dayna Galloway - Design

Robin Griffiths – Projection and Art

Kayleigh MacLeod - Art 

Alice Marra – Live music coordinator

Niall Moody – Games Coordinator

Cara Pearson – Pinkie Character Design


Moayed Alorfali – Head Steward

Helen King

The Games

Breaking out of the Frame 

Development: Niall Moody

Art: Kayleigh MacLeod

Assembly and She-Town 

Development: Retrospect

Joy Ajuong,  

Marc Philippe Beaujean  

Robert Clark  

Sean Connaghan  

Courtney Kirk 

Phillip McCafferty 

Cara Pearson

Jordan Ross

Installation Design: Niall Moody and Mona Bozdog

Arcade cabinets courtesy of We Throw Switches.

Arcade cabinets design: Alice Carnegie and Ursula Chung

Generation ZX(X) Team

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