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Special Thanks

This project would never have been possible without the help and support of:

Thank you

Loadsaweeminsinging for the recordings of The Women of Dundee by Sheena Wellington and Alice's Song by Ricky Ross.

NEoN Digital Arts Festival, Creative Scotland, Weave by Abertay, Abertay Game Lab, Abertay University, The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, John Bruin, Laura Bissell, Alistair MacDonald, Iain Donald, Donna Holford-Lovell, Wendy Robb, Kenny McAlpine, Dundee City Council, JTC Furniture Group, We Throw Switches, TIMEX History Group, Charlie Malone, Alice Marra and Loadsaweeminsinging, John Gray (Public Art) - Dundee City Council, Douglas Community Centre and Library Communities Department - Dundee City Council, Dighty Connect’s Mosaic Group, John Carnegie and Alan Spence, Gerald High, Hot Chocolate Trust, The Dundee Rep, The DC Thomson Archives, Dundee City Council - Dundee's Art Galleries and Museums, STV, Paul Farley, Douglas Hare, Danny Parker, Philip and Andrew Oliver, Mike Dailly, Chris van der Kuyl, Erin Stevenson, Robin Sloan, Lynn Parker, Rob Page, Erika Stevenson and all the lovely ladies who shared their stories with me: Helen Brennan, Ann Crawford, Elizabeth Docherty, Ellen Fleming, Margaret Hogg, Kathleen McKinnon, Lyn Spiljard and the ladies who wished to remain anonymous (you know who you are).

Thank you!

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